With our fire safety engineer, we will arrange:

  • the development, management and maintenance of fire safety documentation in accordance with the actual situation
  • carrying out preventive fire inspections
  • Identification of locations with increased fire hazards and the number of fire-patrol members required
  • conducting fire safety training and professional training of fire-patrol members
  • Organising and evaluating fire alarm test assessments
  • determining requirements for fire safety in the use of the building and in the change of use of the building

Content of our Documentation:

  • Fire identification Card
  • Workplace fire regulations
  • Fire alarm guidelines
  • Fire evacuation Plan
  • Fire Book
  • Fire Hazard analysis
  • Documents on the inspection of fire-fighting equipment and fire-water systems
  • Data on fires, causes of fires, reports on the results of the analyses performed and measures taken in the field of Fire Protection section
  • Documentation on safety training for employees
  • Documentation on the training of Fire-patrol members
  • Documentation on the operation of the fire-fighting unit
  • Tackling fire security of construction in project documentation
  • Documentation on the fire safety characteristics of the building used
  • and other necessary documents, provided that they provide for specific rules

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