What does OSH mean?

Under the acronym OSH, we can recall a set of general principles of prevention and basic conditions to ensure safety and health at work and to eliminate the risks and factors that cause accidents at work, occupational diseases and other damage to health at work.

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What does a company need to do to keep Occupational Health and Safety in order?

  1. To have a health and safety documentation drawn up (it is necessary to provide employees data and a description of their duties)
  2. Make the facilities available for inspection by the safety technician of 3MON s.r.o.
  3. Provide health and safety training to all employees regardless of their duties.

How much time do we need?

We will usually prepare your documentation within 1 week of delivery of all necessary documents.

To train employees, you need to reserve one business day.

It is necessary to reserve one working day for employee training.

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What is the cost of OSH documentation and employee training?

Drafting of OSH Documentation from 220€
Employee – Occupational health and safety training 20€ / Employee

The drafting of the documentation shall be completed only once unless the focus and type of activities performed by the company do change.

Employees need to be trained before commencing of their work-related duties, or when moving an employee to another position, where they come in contact with different workflows and equipment.

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